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Muintir na Tíre – National Association for the Promotion of Community Development in Ireland

Muintir na Tíre, Fr John Hayes and Northern Ireland: ‘Names and flags avail nothing’

FOR nine decades the Irish social movement Muintir na Tíre (Irish for 'People of the Land') has been embedded in rural communities across the 26 counties. The organisation, founded by Limerick-born priest, Fr John Hayes, played a significant role in periods of the Irish state's social life in the 20th century. Its leading role in rural electrification in the 1940s [...]

Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation

Sheep would prefer to eat sweet grass than be warned of a prowling wolf. And so too it is with us. There is a strong tendency to ignore much of what is unpalatable so we can continue just as we are. There is a role in America called the Surgeon General. On the 2nd of May, Dr Vivek Murty, who [...]

Ballycastle Community Alert, Co Mayo. A Case Study

Testimonial on the SAS  In 2020 this group highlighted that 5 lives were saved during lockdown, by each person having and using the Monitored Alarm which they got with the help of the volunteer Caroline Stadler through Ballycastle Community Alert. Caroline Stadler, Ballycastle Community Alert Co. Mayo, ‘we are a very active group keeping our older generation safe and comfortable [...]

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Muintir na Tíre is a national voluntary organisation dedicated to promoting the process of community development. Canon Hayes founded the organisation in 1937. Muintir na Tíre aims to enhance the capacities of people in communities, rural and urban, to become involved in local social, economic, cultural and environmental development.

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