The first Muintir na Tire Council established l937 by the Founder, John Canon Hayes in l937.

Tipperary Town has a population of over 5,000 with a potential growth of 7,000. It has been hard hit in recent times with the loss of two factories. It has a strong history of community spirit and community development much of it as the result of the work of Canon Hayes who was curate in the parish from 1934 to l946.

Achievements – Past and Present:

Promoted Allotments and turf saving projects to address food and fuel shortages during World War 11.

Set up “Penny Dinners” and “Free Milk” schemes to combat poverty amongst many of the inhabitants. In later years, this became Meals-on-Wheels which is now a professionally run service for the town and its environments and funded in
part by the HSE.

The Council works out of a former National School – now known as the “Community Services Centre” – and operates a restaurant serving teas and lunches for active older people and people with disabilities.

Canon Hayes Youth Centre set up in l962 to encourage Citizenship amongst teenage boys and girls in the areas of community responsibility, leadership, care of older people and practical neighbourliness. Hundreds of young people have passed through the centre many of whom subsequently became community activists in their adopted communities throughout Ireland.

Pioneered the setting up of Community Information Centres (the brainchild of the national organisation of Muintir na Tire) now known as Citizens Information Centres. Tipperary Citizens Information Centre played a leading role in helping non-nationals to know their rights during the economic boom.

In l967, Tipperary Community Council established a branch of the Credit Union movement. Today it has a membership of 18,000 with outside branches serving neighbouing villages.

In 1988, the Community Council set up a Day Care Centre for older people in St. Vincent’s complex. It caters for 25-30 patrons daily and contributes greatly to their quality of life and particularly their carers.

In l981, Tipperary Community Council pioneered the concept of local community radio. In l990 the radio received a legal licence to broadcast to parts of County Tipperary. It is one of the few local radios that relies almost entirely on voluntary presenters.

For the past twenty years the Council has been involved in providing a scheme of home repairs, gardening, painting for older people. It also administers the Senior Alert scheme for parts of the local community.