The Group was formed in 1999 with a committee of 3 local people and 14 area representatives supporting a population of approx 1,100 people in a geographical area of a two mile radius of Monivea Garda District

To date the group is still active with a committee of 5 with the election of a president and p.r.o along with 17 area representatives in the same area looking after a larger population of approx 1,800 people following the years of increased construction

Achievements to date include

  • Installation of social monitored alarms, door locks and lights for the seniors.
  • Information meetings in relation to finance, health and security for the community.
  • Social nights out for the seniors and isolated members of the community during the winter nights.
  • Fund raising events for the missions.
  • The establishment of a Senior Social Christmas Get Together in the local community centre with Mass and after a meal is provided for approx 120 seniors followed by music, song and dance with a beverage to add to the festivities.
  • Summer time, we take between 60 and 70 seniors on a day out visiting different sites and having lunch away from home along with the support of the youth of the local Foróige group.
  • Bingo with the support of the local youth group Foróige.

Projects to date

  • We are currently arranging an Active Age Group, which meet each Friday morning to do some light exercise, have a cup of tea, play a game of bingo and listen to different speakers on topics relevant to seniors. All this takes in the sports hall of the local community centre and on one occasion we attended the local hotel gym.
  • At present we are trying to do a deal with the H.S.E to use a small building they own which is not in use in the village of Monivea, which would be an ideal location for the seniors to meet and arrange their own activities in a more accommodating venue, but the H.S.E have a different agenda and that is to sell the building leading to a battle to save local services.
  • Collaborating with other active age groups.