Castlerea Community Arts Group

Castlerea Community Arts Group were formed five years ago. The group of people involved come from various groups in Castlerea parish who have a tradition of involvement in drama, music, craft works, traditional music and dance.

The need for a dedicated space within our community that would facilitate all such activities and allow for the development and preservation of our rich and varied heritage led us to Trinity Church.

Trinity Church

This fine building was constructed in 1819 on a plot of ground donated by Lord Sanford to the Church of Ireland Community.

There are significant historical connections in this building. Dr. Douglas Hyde, the first president of Ireland, noted poet and writer was born in Castlerea, and baptised in Trinity Church where his father spent some time as rector. Dr. Thomas Wilde, father of Dr. William Wilde noted oculist and antiquary and grandfather of the renowned Oscar was a physician in practice in Castlerea and two of his sons went on to serve as rectors in Trinity Church. There are two stained glass windows in the church that were originally dedicated to the building by the Sandford family and the Young family of Harristown.

The Plan

Castlerea Community Arts Group have dedicated ourselves to the restoration and rejuvenation of this unique building into a multi functional center of arts heritage and culture in the center of our community.

The center will have:

  • A 220 seated theatre/auditorium which will facilitate existing local drama groups, musical groups, conference and meeting facilities.
  • Provide enterprise space for creative design led businesses and artist work space.
  • Exhibition space for local and visiting artists.
  • Provide a tourist information center, in this area of rich cultural heritage and natural beauty we have not developed our tourist industry to its full potential.