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Save Rural Ireland

A number of National Bodies with common interests have come together to fight to protect and improve existing the existing standard of life in rural Ireland. They intend highlighting the issues currently affecting the social and economic development of rural Ireland, and seeking change in government policy in these areas. The bodies involved initially are Muintir na Tíre, The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association, The Irish Countrywomen’s Association, the Irish Postmasters’ Union, the Irish National Flood Forum and the Post Office Users Group. Together these bodies represent over 100,000 members and further bodies have expressed interest in joining the alliance. The Save Rural Ireland alliance was launched in the Buswell Hotel in Dublin on the 12th of March 2015.

In its initial meetings the group has identified five immediate core issues it wishes to have
Rural Broadband
Post Office Viability
Control of Scrap Metal
Insurance in Flood Areas
GP cover

It is proposing realistic solutions to these issues. These solutions can be implemented immediately by Government if there is a willingness to protect rural Ireland. The group will continue to publicise issues affecting rural Ireland, propose realistic solutions, and generally lobby to improve the social and economic development of our countryside, villages, and small towns.

You can see updates on Save Rural Ireland here.