The Bottle in the Fridge

The Bottle in the Fridge is a voluntary Community Alert programme for Older and Vulnerable people to ensure that in the event of an emergency essential medical information is readily available in a prominent location in the home.

Download a copy of the Muintir Na Tíre “Bottle in the Fridge” Initiative, in Microsoft Word here.

Community Txt Link

The Muintir na Tíre Community Alert programme has made a successful application for funding under the The BenefIT programme which is being supported by the Knowledge Society Division – eInclusion Section, Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources.

The BenefIT programme is designed to assist voluntary, community and not-for-profit organisations and service providers to encourage and support the participation of late adopters of technology in an inclusive Knowledge Society.

To read more about the BenefIT Txt Progamme, click here
To download a copy of the Muintir Na Tíre Community Alert Mobile Phone How to Guide, in pdf, click here

In Case Of Emergency (ICE)

I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) number is a contact Number added to a person’s phone which starts with the letters I.C.E. followed by the name of the person you want contacted in the event of an emergency (e.g. Road Accident, Sudden Illness etc.) Two or more people are nominated as I.C.E. contacts, and these people should be made aware of their I.C.E. role in the persons life. Details of the person’s Doctor and Medical conditions etc could also be stored under the ICE number on their mobile phone. The information contained under I.C.E. will prove itself invaluable to emergency personnel in the event of an emergency

“I.C.E. is beneficial to all ages, young and old alike, the vulnerable, the not so vulnerable and even those living alone, because when that unexpected emergency arises the rescue services have instant access to crucial contact information to enable the emergency services provide immediate attention”.

The project also included a VISA size card on which the ICE information could be recorded and stored in a persons wallet.

The Pilot ICE project was endorsed by, Mr. Noel Brett, Chief Executive, Road Safety Authority, who said,

“The Road Safety Authority is delighted to support this simple but practical community safety initiative. Nobody ever sets out on a journey expecting to become involved in a serious crash but unfortunately it is a possibility. Using the roads is the most dangerous thing we do everyday. By adding a number to your mobile that can be used in cases of emergency you may not prevent a crash but it will make the job of the emergency services that little bit easier. I would urge everyone to add an ICE contact to their mobile phones without delay”.

As a national organisation servicing 1500 community groups Muintir na Tire are in a position to enable many communities to avail of the ICE project.