Muintir na Tíre fully complies with the Charities Governance Code.

Goal 1

To develop greater cooperation between statutory and voluntary agencies of development

Goal 2

To animate communities to accept responsibility for their own economic, cultural and social development.

Goal 3

To Ensure the provision of a democratic and representative process thus enabling individuals to be involved in the decision making process.

Goal 4

To Strengthen Muintir na Tire’s own ability to deliver.



  1. Actively supporting local communities to organise and develop their capacity to effectively respond to identified needs and problems, and to promote a spirit of community service in working for the common good.
  2. To objectively represent and support locally identified problems, interests and viewpoints at national level, through informing government policy and developing coherent agendas for action, in co-operation with both the local communities
    and the various public agencies/government departments.
  3. Assessing the potential implications of major economic and social forces, and policy trends, for local community development, and seeking to influence, as appropriate, government policy formation and institutional arrangements.