Testimonial on the SAS 

In 2020 this group highlighted that 5 lives were saved during lockdown, by each person having and using the Monitored Alarm which they got with the help of the volunteer Caroline Stadler through Ballycastle Community Alert.

Caroline Stadler, Ballycastle Community Alert Co. Mayo, ‘we are a very active group keeping our older generation safe and comfortable in their own homes’.



We advertise on a regular basis for our Pendant Alarms which we get a great request response and better still, serval people’s lives have been save by our pendants including my own mother.

My mum, Phil was in her bedroom when she became unwell. Her family were in the living room and did not hear her calling, so by pressing her pendant I was contacted by the monitoring station with the report. I live approximately one mile away and was able to help get a Doctor to call to Phil before the family in the living room knew anything.

Another woman was changing the hands on the clock and fell and would have being there in her home for days only for her pendant. Another man was found in his garden sometime after falling and unable to get up. Thanks to the Alarm he got the help needed.



There are a lot of older people that would love to get the alarm that when one falls unresponsive the pendant would detect and alert the monitors.  As most of our clients only have a pension I feel for them when I tell them it cost more for a fall detector alarm is more.

Also as mobile phones seem to be getting a lot more popular may be a reduced payment would be considered at some stage for monitoring. I understand it is not easy to always get what we want but it’s what the public has be asking me for.

We hope to continue serving our community as best we can as we have a very nice willing group in our area along with the help of our local Guard.

We also have a Text Alert which is up and running.