As part of our work as Community Champions throughout the country, we are supporting the Keep Ireland Talking Initiative. Together, we can reduce the feelings of loneliness that people are experiencing.

  1. Family members, neighbours and friends can all play their part by recognising that even though we have to stay apart, we can still take the time to talk to each other and this can really reduce loneliness. This can take place if we see people in their gardens or when we are out walking, over the phone and through using online technology like video calling.
  2. Local community groups can play a vital role in reaching out to the most vulnerable and isolated at this time by recognising that they can make a huge difference simply by maintaining regular contact with people who are isolated. Those who are feeling isolated and lonely may be reluctant to ask for help and thus we need to be proactive in reaching out to people and offer them a friendly chat as well as practical supports. And we need to keep doing it and maintain that connection and supportVulnerable CitizensKeep Ireland Talking by phoning your local Community Call Helpline. We’re available for a chat and we can put you in touch with the services you need.


    Keep Ireland Talking by reaching out to a neighbour. Smile, chat at a safe distance, make a friendly phone call or let them know your contact details.

    Community Groups

    Keep Ireland Talking by asking your members to make regular ‘comfort calls’ to vulnerable citizens by telephone or video call. Help people stay connected and get online. Be realistic about the support you can provide but conscious of your capacity to brighten someone’s day.

    Key Messages:

    Let’s Keep Ireland Talking

    T – Take the time to chat. Together, we can get through.

    A – Ask your neighbour how they’re doing.

    L – Let your neighbours have your contact details.

    K – Keep in regular contact by telephone and video call.

    I – Initiate conversations with a friendly wave or smile.

    N – Never feel alone – The Community Call Helpline is here to help you.

    G – Get Talking, it’s good for you and your community.

Attached you will find sample posters which can be adapted for your own county or even community, along with an example of a flyer developed in Co Kildare. If you require any further help or information you can contact your local Development Officer here.

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