As part of the Government response to COVID-19, a Community Champion has been appointed in each county. Uniquely, Muintir has four staff working as Community Champions, which gives us an insight into the issues arising around the country, and the types of actions being taken. We plan to bring you some of these examples over the coming weeks.

You can find the contact details for the Champion for your county here:



For issues relating uniquely to Community Alert, you can find contact details for your Development Officer here.

If you are an organisation or individual who needs support during the crisis, we strongly encourage you to reach out to your local Champion. They can help organise support for you, represent your needs on their Local Authority Fora, and feedback major issues to Government.

If you are an organisation or individual offering services or community supports during this crisis, we would also encourage you to link in with your Champion. They can help channel support to where it is most needed in communities and signpost people to your services.