Muintir na Tíre has launched a new Text Compensation Scheme. This pilot scheme aims to improve the operation of Community Text Alert, in partnership between Muintir na Tíre and An Garda Síochána. Groups have occasion occasionally complained where they receive alerts they should not have received, and have to pay for these alerts. The scheme will refund the costs of such alerts to the provider, to be allocated to the group’s account.

The scheme covers messages that were issued in error (where it was not intended the group should receive the alert), or where the message was too long in error (eg the alert included extra information by mistake) and the group was thus charged more than a standard text amount. It does not include messages where the group simply do not appreciate the content of the message (eg general advice) – such content is a matter to be discussed between groups and An Garda Síochána.

Further information, and an application form, is available at: